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Screenwriters get Personal, Episode No. 10, Mark Tapio Kines
What many people don’t know: Mark Tapio Kines is actually the first filmmaker to ever crowdfund a movie. Some sources say the birth of crowdfunding took place in Europe, in 2004. Wrong! Mark’s first feature was crowdfunded in 1998. Listen to what else this down-to-earth film expert has to say.


English TV
Screenwriters get Personal, Episode No. 9, Sarah Rosenkrantz
In the ninth episode, Hans-Peter’s guest is Sarah Rosenkrantz. Born in 1989 in New London, Connecticut, Sarah went to live with her aunt and uncle in L.A. when she was 15 (with the permission of her wonderful and nurturing parents). Her aunt and uncle are independent filmmakers and took Sarah on a physical and psychological journey through all sorts of artistic landscapes.
No wonder, Sarah, now 24, is already writing and directing her first feature film. Its title is „All is Forgiven“ (http://allisforgivenmovie.com), and Fox TV picked it as one of the projects to promote on „The Crowdfunder Show“.
Hear about Sarah’s exciting life and her encouraging wisdom she gathered in that short period of time!
This series is also available as an audio podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1clqHVw


English TV
Screenwriters get Personal, Episode No. 8, Korinna Sehringer
In the eighth episode of his Youtube show, Hans-Peter’s guest is Korinna Sehringer, a Swiss compatriot. Korinna is the director and producer of the film „Shouting Secrets“ (http://www.shoutingsecretsmovie.com) which was finished in 2011 and won over 25 awards worldwide.
Korinna Sehringer tells the audience how she struggled on the way to fulfilling the big dream of a little Swiss girl—making movies in Hollywood.


Steamy, Coco, and Friends
A beautiful free 15-minute bedtime story for children ages 3 to 8, narrated by Hans-Peter Zimmermann, drawings by Nany Anita Zimmermann.
Your children will love to go to sleep after this!
This book has been published successfully in German. If you are a publisher interested in printing an English version, please contact Hans at http://www.hpz-usa.com
Also check out Nanys Homepage ebooksforkids.ch for children ages 3 to 8.



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